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Hurt feelings don't vanish on their own. They don't heal themselves. If we don't express our emotions, they pile up like a debt that will eventually come due.
(Marc Brackett)

Why is therapy important?

Therapy provides a safe space to explore your thoughts, feelings, and behaviours. Individual therapy aims to inspire change and improve quality of life through self-awareness and self-exploration. Therapy can help develop a different world perspective and understand the origin of certain core beliefs.

You will be in a safe space, and you can leave anytime. You can talk about what you want and take the time you need. You may be surprised by the vast diversity of tools that can help you learn more about yourself. You can try it and decide if you want to return afterwards. It's about respecting who you are and what your needs are.


What makes my approach different?

As a Latin American immigrant living in Australia, I had the chance to enrich my practice with a diverse point of view, being genuinely curious about what makes us unique. I’m constantly studying and developing my techniques. Also, I believe that my life experience will substantially affect how I lead my practice. Indeed, exploring the world -knowing other cultures, learning about new places and being open-minded - profoundly impact what I do. I'm a big fan of self-reflection - in my sessions and life. I bring my genuine curiosity to the sessions, using it in the best interest of my client's development. Thus, I get the credibility of evidence-based techniques and a warm, compassionate support approach.


About me


My name is Nanny Gomiero; I have a psychology degree from PUC-Rio in Brazil. I worked with mental health and AOD in Therapeutic Community settings and private practice for more than six years in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. I came to Australia in 2015, where I studied for a Diploma in Early Childhood Education and Teaching. I worked with children, parents and carers in the childcare industry for five years. In 2020, I was accepted and recognised by ACA (15556) as a counsellor.  In the same year, I started my Master of Counselling at the University of Canberra, finishing it in 2022. I'm working on my online private practice and as an EAP counsellor. My base approach is cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) and evidence base techniques. Indeed, I believe that professional development is an ongoing process.

  • Psychology degree (5 years) - PUC-Rio (Brazil) 

  • Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Teaching  (2 years) - QAT (Australia)

  • Master of Counselling (2 years) - University of Canberra (Australia)

  • Dr. Sue Johnson's Intensive Course in Emotionally Focused Therapy: Attachment-based interventions for couples in crisis (Australia)

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Support group for overseas mothers living in Australia. 

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Provide brazilian members with a local forum to meet like-minded members and discuss the industry, professional and other relevant issues.

Portuguese and English Speaker

  • Parenting

  • individual and couples counselling 

  • immigrants and international students

  • Mental health 

  • Anxiety and depression

  • Trauma

  • Youth counselling

EAP Provider
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